Rice water for acne pimples

Rice water for acne pimples:

If you are worried about acne and pimples, then try a rice water mask. All ingredients of this mask will be in your kitchen so need not go out. Rice water is the suspension of starch obtained by draining boiled rice.

Rice water absorbs oil, cleans clog, and removes acne scars. It decreases aging effects. Rice water contains anti-inflammatory properties that soothe acne itching. It also protects our skin from harmful UV rays. Rice water removes dead cells and blackheads from the face which helps our skin to look brighter and glowing. Rice water mask is very effective in lightening dark spots and removing acne scars.

Rice water has been used for many years as an effective natural beauty home remedy by Subcontinent women. In our traditional stories, women boil rice for the sweet dishes and use rice water for skin whitening and hair especially in China, Bangladesh, India, and Pakistan.

How to use rice water mask:

Mix one tablespoon rice water,1/4 teaspoon salt, half a teaspoon green tea, and one tablespoon honey. Before applying wash your face thoroughly. Apply the mask by massaging the paste on your face in circulatory motion. Leave it to rest 15 to 20 minutes.And rinse with cold water.

Rice water toner:

Rice water toner contains vitamin A which clears the complexion, hydrate and soften skin. It fades acne scars and pimples spots.

How to use rice water toner:

Boil three cups of water at a high flame till it starts boiling. Now add two cup rice in this hot water and boil it for five minutes, pour it into a clean bowl. When it becomes cold use with a sponge or towel as a toner on the whole face.

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